About us

ArtLab focuses on creating sculptures, paintings, artistic statement furniture and wall murals, all through understanding the personality and lifestyle of their customers. By pushing boundaries and thinking completely outside of the box, ArtLab can curate some of the most unique art pieces catered to the identity of each client. Their wide skill set as a team, paired with their support of local talent has allowed them to provide the market with alternative personalization solutions at affordable prices, a truly modern twist on art.
ArtLab was founded in 2020 by Seif Abdeldayem and Nada El Sheikh, two creatives with a passion for art and productivity. This unique business model was established after both founders noticed a scarcity in the market for personalized art pieces. With the growing online market, ideas for homes are constantly growing and evolving. However, the readily available product variety in Egypt does not keep up with the emerging global art market; thus, the ArtLab platform was born.
Through their creative mindset and strong work ethic, ArtLab’s founders hope to one day fill the homes and streets of Egypt with their unique pieces and to become leaders within this ever growing and dynamic market.


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